New Expansion: Dragonflight and new features
World of Warcraft development team has announced their next, tenth expansion for the beloved franchi..
How to obtain your Tier Set
    Tier sets have made their return to the game with Patch 9.2 to the new raid ..
Patch 9.2: Introduction to Zereth Mortis
Patch 9.2 of World of Warcraft brings many new additions to the game, including new zone, new sub-sy..
Unique items in 9.1
    Release of the new raid will happen in a week after start of the patch 9.1, ..
TBC Classic: New Changes
    The Burning Crusade Classic has finally released for players of old and new ..
Shadowlands: Torghast and its features
    Shadowlands Alpha passes the ongoing testing, and the main new feature devel..
Classic: Phase 4 is live!
    Classic World of Warcraft servers have recently been updated with a new patc..
Visions of N’zoth: Corrupted Gear
    With release of patch 8.3 on retail, not only you will have to worry about g..
Shadowlands: New Features
    Developers of World of Warcraft have announced a new expansion called Shadow..
Patch 8.3: New Allied Races
    From the very beginning, Battle for Azeroth Developers have joked that vulpe..
Patch 8.2.5: Leveling Improvements
    Patch 8.2.5 has been released to the public, and it includes the ending of t..
Best classes for leveling in Classic
    Today we will be talking about what classes are the fastest in the leveling ..
Professions in Classic
    Very soon, on August 27, Classic WoW will be released and you will be able t..
Essences of Eternal Palace
    As you know, Patch 8.2 added new type of buffs for Heart of Azeroth called “..
Mechagon on Hard Mode
    Did you know that there is a Hard Mode for Operation: Mechagon dungeon? And ..
Mythic Keystones - Season 3
    Season 3 of “Battle for Azeroth” expansion has begun, and the most important..
Patch 8.2: Some Fishing Secrets
    Members of the discord community, dedicated to finding and solving various p..
Patch 8.2: New Heart of Azeroth Abilities
    With release of World of Warcraft Patch 8.2, the heroes of Azeroth will be a..
Classic: Old vs New
    The developers claim that the New Vanilla will be almost identical to the Ol..
Patch 8.2: World PvP
World PvP is loved by everyone, and those who say they don’t blatantly lie! And no matter what anyon..

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