Shadowlands Season 4: New exciting changes!

    Season 4 of Shadowlands has begun, and with the new patch the game is finally beginning to be a bit more interesting! As per usual, there are new rewards you can obtain, but also developers have finally decided to revive old content and change things up a bit with interesting additions. In this post we will describe all new changes and rewards you can obtain!

Sylvanas, The Jailer and Sire Denathrius

 Fated Raids

    With start of Season 4 developers have decided to revive old raids of the Shadowlands expansions with a feature called "Fated Raids". On weekly rotation, one of the Shadowlands raids will become "Fated", increasing difficulty of the raid to end-game Sepulcher item level, while also adding a new affix to each boss. Of course, the loot inside the raid also has become much stronger than that of the Sepulcher: 265+ item level gear on LFR difficulty, 278+ on Normal, 291+ on Heroic, and 304+ on Mythic. There is also a new currency called "Puzzling Cartel Dinar". You will be able to spend that currency on vendors beside the Great Vault in Oribos, to purchase the exact piece of gear you want from any available raid for Fated normal difficulty. All items cost 1 "Puzzling Cartel Dinar" each, but YOU CAN ONLY BUY NO MORE THAN 3 ITEMS. This is done to curb extremely bad luck on RNG of the drop. The currency is obtained by completing a quest given by the vendors, which requires killing 30 Fated bosses for one coin. Once you purchase three items from the vendors, they will leave. At the moment it is unknown if they will make a comeback, it is up to the developers.

Jigglesworth Sr. mount

Besides that, completing all three Fated raids on normal difficulty or higher will reward you with a new mount, Jigglesworth Sr.!

 New Mythic Keystones dungeons

    To the surprise of everyone, before Season 4 has begun, devs have announced that they will change the pool of dungeons for Mythic Keystones. It is done because they realised that players don't like grinding the same dungeons over and over, for over two years. So, Mythic Keystones in Season 4 will have a completely different list of dungeons available for completion! It will include two dungeons from Shadowlands, two from Battle for Azeroth, two from Legion, and two from Warlords of Draenor! Shadowlands dungeons will be two Tazavesh wings that you should be fairly familiar with. Battle for Azeroth will return two wings of Mechagon for the rotation. Legion will come back with it's amazing Return to Karazhan mega-dungeon. And Warlods of Draenor brings back two of the most fun dungeons of the expansion: Gromrail Depot and Iron Docks!

Return to Karazhan Chess Board

 There is also a new affix called "Disguised". The affix will make you hunt dreadlords throughout the dungeon, replacing normal mob in packs with one of nathrezim agents. At the beginning of a dungeon a broker from dimensional cartel will offer a bounty to kill the demon elites inside. Dreadlords are relatively low health and can be cleaved with the rest of the packs, and after defeating them the broker will grant you a stack of a bounty buff, as well as percentage health/mana regenerations for 5 seconds. At some point of the dungeon, a stronger dreadlord miniboss will appear instead, whose defeat will grant you three stacks of the chosen bounty.

    And, as per usual, there is a new Deathwalker mount.

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