Vault of the Incarnates
Vault of the Incarnates - Heroic Run

Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Run Boost

Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Run Boost
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 Boost ETC: around ~2 hours.

 Vault of the Incarnates Heroic boost service includes:

• Vault of the Incarnates run on Heroic Difficulty - we will take your character through the first raid of the expansion with full or partial completion of encounters inside the instance. During the time of gameplay, you will have a chance to obtain new items from the bosses or trash inside the instance;

• Group loot drop, ilvl 402+ gear - during the run you have chance to obtain 402+ item level gear and equipment for your character for your desired specialization. After fourth boss, you will be able to get 408+ item level gear, and last two bosses drop 411 ilvl gear. The gear will be of your armor type, and can be one of many items in the raid: tier sets with special enchancing effects, single two handed or two one handed weapons, trinkets, rings and necklace. The gear obtained from the bosses is random and are only generally determined by their respective loot tables;

• Armor Priority run - if you choose this additional option, we will create a raid in which you will be able to get all the items that drop for your specific class and specialization, inlucluding armor and tier set pieces, and also have a high chance to get trinkets, rings and a necklace. Contact our operators before purchasing;

• VIP Run - Full raid formed only for a single customer - you. We will form a raid with 15 boosters where you will get all the loot that drops. You can also bring 2 friends with you to share the dropped loot, with no extra cost;

• Achievements acquired during the boost - during your runs you may acquire different achievements required for Raider mount achievement, as well as Ahead of the Curve for defeating last boss of the instance before release of the next raid;

• Piloted Mode - if you select this option, your character will be played by our trusted boosters. This option is convenient if you don't want to or don't have time to participate in the raid;

• Selfplay Mode - if you select this option, you will play your character yourself during the raid. This way you will be able to witness the process of completing the instance yourself, but you'll have to be ready on required time;

 Requirements for purchasing the heroic raid boost for the Vault of the Incarnates: 

• Your character must have maximum level to participate in the boost;

• You must not have cooldown/save for Vault of the Incarnates on heroic difficulty in order to receive loot;

 How Vault Heroic raid will be completed?

    Before you Buy WoW Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Loot Run Boost Service, contact our operators to schedule the time during which the raid will be completed. If you choose selfplay mode, it is very important to match when the raids are available and when you are able to play. Afterwards, our operators will find and assign a raiding group for the run of the latest Vault raid in Heroic Mode. During the run and/or at the end of it, you will obtain items that will drop from the bosses via random chance. If you purchased additional boosters, you will get guaranteed additional items during and/or at the end of the run via trade.

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