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Lich King Classic Item Level Boost
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    Wrath of the Lich King Classic has a lot of end-game content ready for you to explore. From normal and heroic dungeons to 25-man raids. But to participate in those raids you will for sure need to prepare: powerful gear, enchantments and knowledge of tactics is in order. And, of course, you need a full group of like-minded people who are prepared for the worst in the upcoming expeditions. Unfortunately, not all as easy and you may take a long time to gather a group of prepared individuals, and then you might wipe on the boss over and over again. Or even worse, someone accidentally pulles the trash and your tank is away! Those situtations are the worst and they can be very discouraging.

    Which is why BestBoost.Club offers you Item Level Boost for Lich King Classic! Gear your character in the powerful gear that will be enough that you'll be able to take on the current content without any worry! No wiping or waiting for resurrection after every pull: we'll complete all the mundane tasks for you. And at the end of the boost, your character will be fully geared and available for you to challenge even the gods.

 What will you get for Lich King Classic Item Level Boost:

• We will take your character and gear it to the requested item level;

• Items and equipment will be obtained through the dungeons and PvP battlegrounds;

• Gold and reagents obtained during the boost;

• The boost will take different time depending on the chosen option. Contact our online support for more information;

 Requirements for Wrath Item Level Boosting Service:

• Your character must be level 80 to purchase this service;

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