Dragonflight Zones: Forbidden Reach

    Dragonflight is full of many new colorful zones that you will be able to explore on the ground and from the air! In this blogpost we're showcasing screenshots from the first zone players will see as an Evoker: the Forbidden Reach.

    An area fashioned by Neltharion as the training ground for the new dragonkin soldiers, these lands are long forgotten and restricted from any visits. The Training Grounds of Dracthyr, after being abandoned and unkempt for years,  are being overgrown by nature and invaded by wildlife.

Training grounds

Broken Titan sentinel

First look at Forbidden Reach through Dracthyr campaign

Healing Winds quarters entrance

Overgrown and forsaken interior

    After being abandoned for so long, the lands are now the inhabitat by different new animals, elementals and tuskarr. The tuskarr is a race of peaceful humanoid walrus-like people. They are known for their fearless fishing prowess, as they can angle some of the most dangerous species known to the sea.

Tuskarr fishing at the shore

Emerald golems in the wild

Active geysers spewing out water

    For thousands of years, and up to the present day, the training grounds of Dracthyr were used as their eternal prison: frozen in time, they are being kept captive by the blue dragonkin. But they would not be prisoners for much longer now, as something has awakened and disturbds the powers residing in the temples...

Petrified Dracthyr army

Dracthyr quarters

Lightning shrine of elemental power

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