Dragonflight: Pre-Patch Changes

    Pre-patch for new, long-awaited expansion has started this reset. In this blogpost we will summarize everything you need to know about the content that comes with it.

    Pre-patch will be released in 2 phases, with phase 1 being available right now on the live servers.

Revamped Talent trees window

    • First notable thing that has changed is the talent system. All old ability trees have been reworked into a broader talent trees with two sides: one being for general fantasy and abilities of your class available in all specializations, and the other being specialization specific talent tree with talents heavily focused on your role. All the Shadowlands Covenant abilities and some of the passives have been put on some of the talent trees to be used in day-to-day combat! Although there will be some general builds that will be "the best", it's still an overall improvement over the old system as it gives you some choice to your gameplay style. Covenant abilities and soulbinds will still function, but only in Shadowlands content.

    • Most of the Shadowlands systems, such as Covenant abilities, Soulbind conduits and legendaries will still stay in place, with only restriction for them being usable only in Shadowlands content and areas. On the other hand, Tier Set bonuses will be completely disabled with pre-patch.

    • Barbershop services are now free! No longer you will have to pay a fee to change how your character looks. You can go as crazy as you want to at any time, without any cost what-so-ever!

New Otter Mount: 500 mounts reward

    • If you are a mount collector, a new 500 mount achievement is coming called "Thanks for the Carry!". For collecting a whole 500 mounts you will get an Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier, an Ardenwield themed otter mount, with both an ability to fly and an increased swim speed, a three in one package!

Professions UI overhaul screenshot

    • User interface has gotten a complete overhaul, allowing you a complete customization with moving of all the bars, resizing of different frames, adding new HUDs and so on. Some different elements of UI have also been refashioned, such as profession tab, some of the old icons being updated, and even minimap having new, unique icons for the gathering nodes! If you like the customization that addons allow you to do, to a point that there are too many addons, give this new overhaul a try - it's really good!

    • Group Loot will now replace personal loot in all relevant raids. Group loot is similar to personal loot, with some extra options to allow to need, greed or pass on loot as you see fit. And just in time, as all Shadowlands raids are now Fated, allowing you to collect more powerful rewards from Nathria, Sanctum or Sepulcher in the same week!

    • For those who enjoy PvP, there is now an addition of the new Rated Solo Shuffle mode, allowing you to solo queue with completely random people that will be shuffled up to 6 in and out of your team. The time of blaming your teammates is over, now your personal skill (and class composition) will play a big role in whenever you win or lose!

    Phase 2 will begin on November 15, and will bring more Dragonflight focused content into the game.

Dracthyr Evokers

    • The first notable feature of Phase 2 is new class and race: Dracthyr Evokers. You will be able to create Evokers before the official release of Dragonflight expansion.

    • The old Uldaman dungeon will be completely revamped for the max-level characters, with old and new bosses available for you to defeat! There will also be new loot available for the taking, of course.

    • Pre-expansion Event will bring elemental storms to a few selected zones, empowering creatures in them with additional powers, and attracting Primalist world bosses for you to defeat. As a reward you will obtain a special pre-patch gear with unique tint, as well as some currency with which you will be able to purchase any pieces missing from the full transmog set. Get it before the pre-expansion event ends!

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