Season 1 of Dragonflight has begun!

    Dragonflight Season 1 has begun and opened a lot of activities for the players to try out! Said activities include seasonal rewards, mounts, new loot and transmog!

Storm Protodrake and Fire Dragon flying towards each other

 • Vault of the Incarnates Raid

    The first raid of the Dragonflight expansion! Filled in to thea brim with elemental powers and dragons, beautiful arenas and encounters, and a lot of trash packs that you will have to clear every week. 

Raszageth, the Storm Primal Drake

    Here, you will be able to collect the first tier set of the expansion that will give some sizable boost in power to your character. There are also rings with special on-hit effects, combo trinkets usable with your party members, unique necklaces that can be traded for a ottuk mount, and a couple of cool weapons. For defeating Raszageth, you will get her model as a skin for the Renewed Protodrake mount.

 • Mythic Keystones

    Probably the most obvious thing that all the players are prepared for. This season of Mythic Keystones changes the game a bit by having four new dungeons from the latest expansion, and four old dungeons from the previous expansions as the keystone dungeons during this season.

Blue Dragon of the Algeth'ar Academy

    You will get Ruby Life Pools, Algeth'ar Academy, The Azure Vault, and The Nokhud Offensive from the Dragonflight. And Halls of Valor & Court of Stars from Legion, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds from Warlords of Draenor, and Temple of the Jade Serpent from Mists of Pandaria.

Hailstorm Armoredon mount

    You will also get a new unique mount Hailstorm Armoredon for reaching 2000 rating during the first Season!

 • Rated PvP

    The PvP enjoyers didn't get left, as they too have some fun activites this season! While you still have your old 2v2 and 3v3, solo players that always having trouble against enemy team can now try Solo Shuffle! In this game mode, you will exchange players between teams every round, meaning that you won't be able to blame your teammates for your losses: your teammates are always being swapped with the enemy team. In total, there are 6 rounds per game, meaning that you will get to play all with and against all players. You will also get a unique title "Crimson Soloist" for reaching top 0.1% on Solo Shuffle leaderboard.

Crimson Gladiator's Drake

    Besides that, you can get a new Vicious Sabertooth mount for winning certain amounts of games in Rated PvP, Crimson Gladiator's Drake and an appearance for Highland Drake of the same model, Elite Transmog Sets, Weapon Illusion and more!

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