Dracthyr Evokers: Get Familiar with new Class

    Dracthyr is the new race of draconic humanoids that will be released in the upcoming expansion "Dragonflight". And it comes with one and only one class that is unique to the new dragonkin called Evokers. In this blogpost we will summarize everything there is you have to know to get familiar with the new class.

    Evokers is a ranged class that possesses the power to damage foes with the power of Red and Blue dragonflight, or heal friends with Green and Bronze powers. Their main new feature is an addition of new spell mechanic called "Empower". Certain spells will allow your to charge them to an even stronger effect by holding their button, or you could release them early to get a weaker but faster cast. This will for sure alleviate that pressure of casters needing to stand in place and cast every spell to it's completion, and open up situations where you have to choose how much you want to power a certain effect.

    The race itself comes with two very powerful crowdcontrol abilities: Wing Buffer and Tail Sweep. Wing Buffer will knock enemies in front of you away, also interrupting their skill casts. Tail Sweep is similar in it's function, being a close ranged AOE around you that instead throws enemies in the air without moving them in any direction.

    Since Evokers theme is built around dragonkin that was created to help their allies, there is a range of abilities that will allow you to do just that. From base skill tree there are some basic abilities that can help your party on individual or group level.

        • Landslide is a temporary root that will hold all enemies hit for 30 seconds, giving you a brief moment of respite or to hold certain enemies away from the fight.

        • Sleep Walk will incapacitate an enemy for 20 seconds, making them sleep walk towards you. Dealing too much damage to the affected target may dispel that effect, making it semi-effective crowd control ability.

        • Expunge which dispells any toxic debuffs, and stronger version of that spell called Cauterizing Flame which will also remove bleed, curses and and disease effect. It will also heal the target for removing at least one effect.

        • Rescue is a spell that will fly you towards your ally location and heal them for a small amount.

        • Fly with Me will allow you to fly and grab an ally and then move them to the target location. It's a very powerful spell for members that are out of position and don't have a way to save themselves.

        • Blessing of the Bronze is a buff that will reduce cooldown of the main movement ability of all party or raid members by 15% for an hour. Paired with some specific classes and builds, it may be a very powerful tool.

        • Zephyr will levitate all raid members into the air, increasing their movement speed by 30% and reducing damage from AOE attacks by 20%. A very powerful spell with a cooldown of 2 minutes.

        • Time Spiral will allow all your allies to cast their main movement ability in the next 10 seconds without incurring a cooldown.

    Dracthyr have very useful party utility for any content, and paired with a friend or two: great mobility potential to save themselves, and allies, from danger.

    As for their class specialization, Evokers can choose to be "Devastation" or "Preservation". While their main resource is mana, Evokers come with a second resource called Essence. It's a resource that is required by some spells and is consumed upon use, you can have total of 5 essence by default. You regenerate around 1 essence every 5 seconds, and can gain additional essence gain with talents.

    Devastation Evoker is a mid-range DPS class that uses magics of Red and Blue dragonflight to deal damage. From the get-go, in your talent tree you will be offered a choice to go either with Red spell talents or Blue spell talents. Both builds have competitive single target, cleave and AoE, with design of Red Evoker tipping greatly towards AoE and Blue being more of a cleave. Your main damaging spells with be a single target fireball called Living Flame and an instant cleave spell Azure Strike.

    From powerful cooldowns, you will have Deep Breath that will fly you forward while damaging enemies and making you immune to CC. Fire Breath which will exhale a chargable flame cone in front of you. And single target beam of blue magic known as Disintegrate.

    That being said, Blue is great in single targer or cleave fights where you don't need to damage more than 2 or 3 targets, while Red also has lots of great single target abilities being also into heavy AoE when needed. Limited range of 25 yards might seem as an issue at first, but with time you'll get familiar with it.

    Preservation Evoker is a healing class whose theme revolves around using Green magic and duplicating it with Bronze magic. Your baseline healing spells will be single Living Flame, the single target ability that is used for DPS Evokers, and Emerald Blossom, a quick spender that costs 2 essence to cast.

    You will also have access to counterparts of Devastation spells, such as: Dream Flight which will fly you to target location while healing all allies on your path. Dream Breath that exhales green magic that will heal allies in front of you. Spiritbloom ability that is similar to that of Monks Renewing Mist, healing your main target and jumping to several allies the more empowered the spell is.

    From bronze you will be able to pick some very interesting abilities: Echo will allow you to cause your next healing spell to be cast an additional time with its effectiveness reduced to 70%. Stasis will duplicate your next 3 helpful abilities and store them in a timelock, allowing you to unleash them instantly in the next 30 seconds. And powerful cooldown called Rewind will heal everyone for 50% of damage takes in the last 5 seconds.

    Dracthyr Evokers is a really interesting class with a lot of variation. It was designed very well, allowing you to choose multiple branching paths for your needs, and bringing a lot of good utility for your parties. We can't wait to see this class in action!

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