Wrath Classic: Secrets of Ulduar

    Secrets of Ulduar is the Phase 2 of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion. It will bring a new of exciting updates to the game, including one of the fan-favorite raids Ulduar. Stick with us to learn more about the changes!

The Ulduar

 1) Explore Ulduar

    The one of the most thematically and gameplay variety raids are finally available to the public! An ancient titan facility high above the Storm Peaks. Place full of wonders, as well as the prison to an Old God. The raid is full of branching paths, allowing you to pick and choose your encounters as you see fit. This raid is also the only place with the "Hard Mode", which will make certain encounters harder, but give additional rewards after the boss fights. You would need to complete certain pre-requisites to active the Hard Mode. The most prominent example of it would be Mimiron's "Red Button" which will cause the fire spawn in the room.

    The raid will also be set to it's pre-nerf version, so Ulduar will be much harder, but at the same time more interesting for everyone to complete.

Items from Ulduar with updated Item Levels

 2) Loot Changes

    All loot inside Ulduar has been buffed across the board. All normal loot has been bumped up by 6 item levels, and all Hard Mode loot by 13 item levels, including Algalon and Valanir. This was made to keep Ulduar relevant for longer period of time, as in original Wrath Ulduar has been the new raid only for a couple of months, and then Trial of the Crusader came around and decimated the loot table. There was little reason to revisit Ulduar as Trial of the Crusader was much easier and gave better loot. This time, Ulduar will stay in the spotlight a bit longer.

    Old 25-man raid will also drop more loot, while 10-man raids will drop 25-man loot instead.

Titan Rune Dungeon

 3) Titan Rune Dungeons

    Wrath of the Lich King dungeons will get a new mode called "Titan Rune" which will make dungeons more difficult in return for rewards from 10-man raids. It is no Mythic Keystones with infinite scaling difficulty, but more of a Hard Mode for normal dungeons that will give them a bit more relevance, as well as a new way for new players to gear up to the current raid tier. Titan Rune will increase health and damage of all enemies in the instance, as well as give thematic modifiers to the enemies inside. For example, in Stratholme enemies can give you a debuff that will turn you into a ghoul if you won't find a cure before timer runs out. Enemies in Utgard Keep will have a Glacier modifier that can encase random nearby target in ice.

    Titan Rune dungeons will drop Tier 7 10-Man loot gear, and last bosses of the dungeon are able to drop Tier tokens. There will also be a Daily quest in Dalaran that will offer bag that contains three Emblems of Conquest.

Argent Tournament being built

 4) Argent Tournament

    The preparations for Argent Tournament will begin with Secrets of Ulduar. The zone in which you usually find Argent Tournament will be filled with costruction of the arena for the future battles. At the moment you will be able to start quest preparations for the Argent Tournament to become the champion of your faction. It will take a lot of questing around Northrend and on horseback.

Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

 5) PvP Season 6

    New PvP season and furious gladiator gear sets will unlock, and all Gladiators will be able to earn new Furious Gladiator title, as well as a new mount. All PvP gear will be buffed across the board will be buffed from 6 to 13 item levels, just as Ulduar was.

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