Keystones: About Mythic Score, and how it's calculated

    Mythic Keystones is a fun game mode that enchances selected dungeons to a new difficulty level. After you complete any average mythic dungeon, you will get a Keystones to a random Instance from a list. That instance will be more difficult than normal Mythic dungeon, boasting stronger enemies with hard hitting attacks, more HP and even additional modifiers, for trash packs and bosses alike. For completing said keystones you will get Mythic Score: the more difficult the key is - the more score you get, and for more score you get unique rewards! But how exactly Mythic Rating is calculated behind the curtains? In this blogpost we will explain how Mythic Score is gained for your character, and what factors determine how much rating you get per key.

Mythic Score UI and panels

    At the moment of writing this article, Keystone level 2 has a base score of 40 points. This score is the rating given to you at the end of the run when you complete the Keystone exactly on time. A key with higher difficulty will get 5 more points, and harder and harder keys will linearly increase in their base score by that value: Level 3 key = 45 points, Level 4 key = 50 points, and so on. Еhe rating then is being averaged between it's higher and lower difficulties, meaning that completing +15 at +3 will give it a score that is very close to +16 key, while completing it at the last second will give you score close to +14 key.

Mythic+ Score Chart

    Then, there are also two different weeks that are being calculated: Tyrannical and Fortified. Both will have separate mythic scores for all available Keystone Dungeons. The obtained dungeon score will be worth 150% if it is your Best Run of dungeon on current week, and your run on other week will be worth 50% of it's score.

Return to Karazhan: Upper score example

    To elaborate further: If you complete dungeon faster on Tyrannical week, it's score will be equal to 150% of what you have achieved, while the same dungeon on Fortified week will give you only 50% of the obtained score.

    We hope that explains how Mythic Keystones scoring system works!

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