Essences of Eternal Palace
    As you know, Patch 8.2 added new type of buffs for Heart of Azeroth called “..
Mechagon on Hard Mode
    Did you know that there is a Hard Mode for Operation: Mechagon dungeon? And ..
Mythic Keystones - Season 3
    Season 3 of “Battle for Azeroth” expansion has begun, and the most important..
Patch 8.2: Some Fishing Secrets
    Members of the discord community, dedicated to finding and solving various p..
Patch 8.2: New Heart of Azeroth Abilities
    With release of World of Warcraft Patch 8.2, the heroes of Azeroth will be a..
Classic: Old vs New
    The developers claim that the New Vanilla will be almost identical to the Ol..
Patch 8.2: World PvP
World PvP is loved by everyone, and those who say they don’t blatantly lie! And no matter what anyon..
Patch 8.2: Progression
When it comes to timegate, or the gradual opening of content, the community is divided into two camp..
Patch 8.2: Conquer the Skies
With patch 8.2 there will be much more content coming for you to play around with, but there’s also ..
Classic: The First Legend
    While getting to level 60 is a primary goal of all players, after that you h..
Return to Classic
    WoW Classic release date is already set – the August 27’th. Now it’s time to..
Patch 8.2: Mechagon
    Nazjatar will not be the only new zone in the update patch 8.2, and while it..
Patch 8.2: Eternal Palace
    In World of Warcraft the incoming patch 8.2 has many new content, updates an..
Patch 8.2: Nazjatar
    Patch 8.2 “Rize of Azshara” is not far away and we have a lot of information..
New Look, But Still The Best
Our team has decided to update the shop with a completely new and functional look. Now, BestBoost.Cl..
Arcane Mages of BFA
Global class changes in the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion also affected the Mages in the "Arcane" b..

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