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 How do we deliver gold?

    There are three methods to deliver gold to your character: a simple trade face to face, through the auction house, and lastly through mail box. We’re going to describe pros and cons of each method.

1. Trading


• A very fast delivering method. No delay, just have to be in a designated place

• Takes less than 10 minutes to receive the gold

• No gold cuts


• Not a very safe method when trading a very big amount of gold

• Need to trade back to trader some junk items for gold to be safe

2. Auction House


• Can trade a very big amount of gold

• A very safe method due to thousands of transactions every day

• After creating a lot you won’t need to wait for the gold in the game if you’re in a hurry


• You’ll get 5% less gold because of Auction House gold cut, or 15% if you're using neutral ones

• You’ll need to create a lot for us to buy from auction house, bigger rarity item is safer

• There is a small delay before you get your gold after we purchase the item

3. Mail Box


• After sending a C.O.D. mail you won’t need to wait for the gold in the game if you’re in a hurry

• No gold cuts, besides sending the mail itself


• A very long delay of 60 minutes to get your gold

• You’ll need to send an item to us with C.O.D. mail, bigger rarity item is safer

• Not a very safe method of receiving gold, can be tracked easily

    If you want to purchase less than ~10.000 gold, you can use either trade or auction house methods. But with numbers bigger than that it’s preferred for your accounts safety to use Auction House to deliver the currency. We do not recommend using Mail Box as a choice of gold delivery. It is not a very safe method and could lead your account to get banned, especially when purchasing big amounts of gold.

 Where do we get gold?

    Our boosters aren’t always busy with dungeons and dragons. In their free time they farm gold on their own characters by doing professions, selling items on auction house or looting gold from crowds of NPC’s in an area. You can be absolutely sure – we never use bots in this kind of service: it will get both us and our customers in trouble, and most likely get our accounts a permanent ban.


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