Paracausal Flakes Farm

Paracausal Flakes Farm

Paracausal Flakes Farm
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Quantity 40000|Choose amount of Paracausal Flakes to farm +€4.00
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 What are Paracausal Flakes:

• Paracausal Flakes is a new currency added in patch 10.1.5;

• You can use this currency to obtain new 402+ item level catch-up gear for your alts and trinkets with unique effects from past expansions;

• You can also obtain A LOT of new transmogrification appearances for your character with this currency, such as: Bonegale Greataxe, Fel-Ridden Divider, Pauldrons of the Fire Lord, and much more!

• New mounts-recolors are available for purchase, such as: Scourgebound Vanquisher, Felstorm Dragon or Perfected Juggernaut, and more!

• And you can obtain a lot of unique pets, such as: Jeepers, Doomrubble, Gill'dan, and more!

 Boost ETC: ~500 Paracausal Flakes per hour.

 Requirements for Paracausal Flakes Farm:

• Your character must have access to Time Rifts events;

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing;

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