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    The worlds of massively multiplayer online role-playing games are ginormous, they are rich with people, history and landscapes. To traverse the whole continent on foot for oneself would be a very difficult and time consuming task. But there is one thing that can ease the burden of traversing the terrain and make it an easy and enjoyable journey for you: horse, raptor, ram, donkey, undead horse, turtle (why not?), gryphons, wyverns, drakes, protodrakes, pterrodax, undead drakes, camels, moose and whole bunch more! Those are all called mounts and there is no end for imaginative ridable pets in the World of Warcraft! 

 What kind of service do you offer?

    There are many epic dragons and wyverns and others in the game, but all of them have one single problem – grind. The requirements to get them differs from one to another, but it’s still a time consumer nonetheless: some need you to just defeat the boss and pray to the random chance gods that it will drop, and if it won’t – get ready to visit this place a couple dozen times; other require to finish a set of difficult achievements, some of them even need a whole raid to complete; the waiting game – some drop from extremely rare spawns that you can be very boring to camp for. It’s different for everything, but methods are still the same – you have to camp and grind. That’s why BestBoost.Club offers our services to all players to acquire the WoW mount of your choosing for you!

 How does your service work?

    You may think that the process may be confusing, but it’s actually very simple. First, you have to choose which transport you want: the catalog may not have the thing you are looking for, in that case – please contact our online support. When you chose and purchased the service, still contact our online support – they will assign the booster for your order to complete. After that, you’ll have to share the accounts login and password with our online support – we require it to start the boost. Then, we will do the boost during the time when you are not playing the game. We will keep you informed about the state of the order and about its completion. You may ask yourself at that point – is account sharing really safe? And the answer is yes. We won’t ask you any additional info besides the data to enter the account and start the boost, and we work only with trusted people who have completed dozens of orders for us, so your account won’t be stolen.


    If you’re looking to buy mount that looks cool and you wanted for a long time but can’t get – try out BestBoost.Club. We will try to please all our customers with our services. If the price is not up your alley – we always welcome bargain. We will try to set the price that will benefit both sides and leaves everyone satisfied.

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2) Select the friends tab by pressing friends at the side bar.
3) Press the add friends button in top middle corner of Discord.
4) Input our DiscordTag and press the “Send Friend Request” button.
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