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    With Wrath of the Lich King professions are updated yet again, bringing forward a new profession and new game system called Inscryption. You will be able to create glyphs that will enchance your abilities, as well as give you minor customization and quality of life features. All other professions have been upgraded as well, giving you a bonus for having certain professions. These bonuses will be useful in combat in one way or the other.

    Engineers get access to special enchants that can be activated as a separate ability, such as parachute that will save you from a deadly fall or rocket boots that can speed you up tremendously, belt of explosives and more. Blacksmiths will be able to create a socket in their bracers and boots. Alchemists will get additional bonus stats from their Flasks. Enchanters will get unique enchants for their own rings that will increase your damage. Inscription will allow you to enchant your weapon with extra stats that are unparallel to any other. Jewelcrafters get access to three purple gems that only they can socket.

    Every profession gets something useful that will enchance your combat capabilities. So consider leveling both of your professions in WOTLK Classic to the maximum to get that fighting edge!

 What will you get for this service:

• We will get one of your professions to the highest rank

• One of primary professions of your choice:

  - Alchemy

  - Jewelcrafting

  - Leatherworking

  - Blacksmithing

  - Tailoring

  - Enchanting

  - Engineering

  - Herbalism

  - Mining

  - Skinning

  - Inscription

• Or one of secondary professions of your choice:

  - Cooking

  - Fishing

  - First Aid

• Skill of the chosen profession will be upgraded to requested skill level

• The boost takes approximately up to 9 days for gathering and up to 14 days for crafting, depending on chosen profession and current skill level

 Requirements for WoW Lich King Classic Profession Leveling:

• Your character must be level 80 to complete the order.

• Obtained during the boost materials will be sold on auction house. All the gold received from the sold material will be exchanged into needed reagents to level the chosen profession.

• To level crafting profession you must have matching maximum level gathering profession. If you don't have maxed out gathering profession, you can purchase it as well on this page.

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