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Loamm Niffen Renown

Loamm Niffen Renown Boost

Loamm Niffen Renown Boost
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 Loamm Niffen Renown includes:

• Loamm Niffen Renown - we will complete daily, weekly and world quests for Loamm Niffen to unlock new renown levels. You will get access to new rewards for each Renown level;

• Access to 402+ item level gear that you will be able to upgrade with Shadowflame Crests;

Ensemble: Ornate Black Dragon Labwear transmog, which includes: Tabard, Shoulders and Cloak;

Morsel Sniffer Reins - a dark-colored dragonray mount;

• Cosmetic accessories for the Slitherdrake mount;

• New Drake armor cosmetic accessories for all dragonriding mounts;

• Fast Traveling back to Niffen Camp from anywhere inside Zaralek Cavern;

• Ability to find treasures within Zaralek Cavern;

• And much more!

 Requirements for purchasing Loamm Niffen Renown:

• Your character must have maximum level;

• Your character must have access to Loamm Niffen Renown;

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing;

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 Who are Loamm Niffen?

    Loamm Niffen is a new Renown faction of overly big and intelligent moles folk added in the Patch 10.1.0! As you complete your introductory questline to Zaralek Caverns, you will obtain a new Slitherdrake and access to earn Renown with Niffen folk. Niffen themselves will offer a lot of different rewards for completing their daily and weekly tasks.

 Don't want to farm?

    Why would you do those tedious quests that require you to constantly kill X-amount of something when you want to just get the rewards as soon as possible? That's why BestBoost.Club offers Loamm Niffen Renown farm service! We will complete all the mundane daily tasks, weekly events and other routine to obtain all available reputation with this new faction! When we are done, you will be able to enjoy.

With experience at the ready!

    We at BestBoost.Club team have an incredible amount of experience on how to optimally obtain all the necessary reputation for the newest faction, and Loamm Niffen is no different. Our boosters are prepared to swiftly eliminate all the pesky rares, daily quests, events and other things that will provide your character with reputation, and at the end of the boost you will be able to enjoy all the newly obtained rewards for your character!

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