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Classic Honor Hourly Farm

Classic Honor Hourly Farm
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 WoW Classic Honor Farm

    Phase 2 update has arrived to WoW Classic, bringing many new additions to PvP side of the game. There are new features set in place, and the main one is the WoW Honor level rewards. For defeating enemies on the opposite factions, within 10 level of your character, you get honorable kills. Each player has a value that is attributed to them, depending on their PvP rankings, which associates how much they are worth. Those values are the classic Honor Points you get upon killing your enemies. When accumulating enough of those points, you can get PvP honor rewards for fighting the opposite factions, such as armor, weapons, potions and trinkets. But, as you know, WoW Classic is a very grindy game, and this case is no exception.

    This is exactly why BestBoost.Club team offers you World of Warcraft Classic Honor points farm. Our team is prepared to grind and fight in open world and on battlegrounds hourly to obtain the necessary for you character WoW Honor ranks. Those ranks are required to obtain new gear and items, and with each next one rewards will be better than before. By purchasing this service you eliminate the need to play the game on and on for hours endlessly, and instead just obtain all the items for farming honor classic in one go. It doesn’t even matter how geared your character is, we just need it to be level 60 and we will do everything else. So, if you’re tired of spending all the time in the game to get some new items, buy Honor Farm classic from our team – we will complete all the grind for you.

 What will you get for obtaining Classic Honor Points:

• Unique PvP rewards for each obtained rank

• At rank 2: a PvP trinket that can dispel all types of crowdcontrol

• At rank 6: an access to the officer's barrack, where you can purchase different items and rewards

• At rank 9: access to rare-quality boots, gloves, chest, legs and a special PvP banner that increases your party's health by 15%!

• And many more other PvP rewards!

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• Level 60 character on your Classic account

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