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    Feast of Winter Veil is a holiday world event that starts at 16th of December and ends at 2nd of January of next year. During the event you can get many new toys for your character to play around and complete many interesting side quests and minigames! And, there is also an achievement associated with Winter Veil called "Merrymaker". It's a long list of many side activities you need to complete in order to get a title of the same name for your character! Best hurry up, because you only have less than 3 weeks to complete it!

 Boost ETC: up to a day. Depending on completed achievements.

 Merrymaker title boost service includes:

• Your character will be granted the title: "Merrymaker";

• Meta-achievement called "Merrymaker", as well as 11 other sub-achievements;

• Toys obtained during Feast of Winter Veil event;

• Winter Veil holiday costume set;

 Requirements for purchasing WoW Merrymaker title boost: 

• Your character must have maximum level to participate in the boost;

• Feast of Winter Veil event must be active;

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