How to obtain your Tier Set in Patch 9.2

    Tier sets have made their return to the game with Patch 9.2 to the new raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. In this blog post we will --- how to obtain them.

 1. Raiding

    The first and foremost way to obtain tier set pieces is by completing Sepulcher of the First Ones on any difficulty. You are be able to obtain certain pieces by defeating specified bosses. With a bit of luck, you will acquire a module token that is shared between three different classes. Upon it's activation, you will create a soulbound tier piece for your class.

    You can get specified tier pieces from these bosses:

• Chest - Rygelon

• Hands - Lihuvim, Principle Architect

• Helm - Anduin Wrynn

• Legs - Halondrus the Reclaimer

• Shoulder - Lords of Dread

    Equipment tokens are respective to their bosses and do not change depending on the class.

 2. Great Vault

    You will be able to obtain tier set pieces from the Great Vault. They can be obtained by completing any activity that would count towards your weekly reward, including completion of the Sepulcher raid, Mythic + dungeons and rated Arena & Rated Battlegrounds. This means that any reward you roll on your weekly reset has a chance to become a tier set piece.

 3. Crafting in the Creation Catalyst

    Creation Catalyst is a separate system for obtaining tier set pieces. It will be available from week 8 of Patch 9.2. It will allow you to convert any non-tier piece of equipment for their respective slot. For that you will require a piece of armor that counts as a tier set equipment slot and has item level same or higher as their Mythic, Heroic, Normal or LFR difficulty set piece. It will cost you Cosmic Flux, the new Legendary Crafting currency, to convert one armor item into a tier set piece. Required amount for tier pieces is 1200 for Shoulders and Gloves, and 1500 for Helm, Chest and Legs. Creation Catalyst is not limited only to tier pieces.

    Cosmic Flux is obtained by doing most of activities in Patch 9.2, including:

• Open world activities in Zereth Mortis, such as repeatable treasures, defeating rares and daily quests

• Completing Torghast Layers 13-16

• Clearing Sepulcher of the First Ones raid

• Completing Mythic + Keystone Runs

• Participating in Ranked Arena games

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