Dragonflight Zones: Waking Shores

Two dragon statues guarding entrance to the healing pools

    The Waking Shores is the first zone of the Dragon Isles you will see in the new expansion Dragonflight. Heroes of the Alliance and Horde are being called to aid by Alexstrasza to this vibrant and menacing land.

    With the dragons being absent from these ancient Isles, their homeland has overgrown with the wild for ten thousand years. Now, with the ancient primal powers trembeling anew along the Shores of this untamed land, ancient allies and enemies of the dragons awake from their deep rest.

Beautiful scenery full of nature and crimson trees beside a lake

Healing pools of the red dragonflight, overgrown by beautiful nature

    Long time ago this land was populated with the Red Dragonflight, with their architecture fashioning all of the shores. After such a long passage of time, they slowly gave in to decay and became overgrown with nature. With the earth now untamed, with it's elemental energies reawakening once more, the nature brings forth landscapes full of resembling colors and nature of different flights, as well as never seen before creatures infused with primal powers of the earth, wind and fire.

One big ram and two of its kids chilling on the fields

Elemental bear made of stone drawing power from the earth

Primal green protodrake resting on the ground

    Higher up, the land is full of volcanic areas filled to the brim with fire and molten earth. Neltharus the Obsidian Citadel stands tall along the mountain range, build by the black dragonflight to be the main line of defense for the Dragon Isles. With the black brood being long gone, the formiddable fortress has become home to the djaradin, race of half-giants filled with raw fire fury.

Neltharus the Obsidian Citadel entrance

Magma infused birds beside the molten earth

Stone statue of the head of the black dragon Neltharion

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