Return to Forbidden Reach: Update 10.0.7

    Patch 10.0.7 for World of Warcraft, known as Return to Forbidden Reach, is the second minor update of the Dragonflight expansion. This patch adds a "new" zone, a unique exploration-themed scenario, and a variety of treasures, rares, and bosses to encounter. The scenario reveals the secrets of Neltharian and his creation of the Dracthyr, and provides players with a new max-level experience to enjoy. The Forbidden Reach is filled with new quests, rares, and treasures to discover.

Forbidden Reach zone from the sky

    One of the new features that comes with Forbidden Reach is the Zskera Vault, a randomized treasure room that is unique to each character and changes on a weekly basis. To explore the vault, players need Zskera Vault Keys which can be earned or found throughout the Forbidden Reach. Each vault contains a variety of puzzles, monsters, and other randomized encounters. 

Zskera Vaults

    Completing them can yield Primordial Stones, new unique gem types which can be used to fill the sockets of the new Onyx Annulet ring. These stones can also be crushed into fragments that can be used to upgrade the Stones you found useful, or purchase new ones from Researcher Imareth in Morqut Village. The stones are divided into families, each providing unique bonuses, allowing players to experiment with different combinations to find the most powerful synergies.

Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones

    A new faction is also being added in this patch. Winterpelt Furbolg are a faction of humanoid-looking white bears, somewhat reminiscent of the old Timbermaw Hold faction from Vanilla WoW. Unlike that faction though, Winterpelt Furbolgs speak their own language that you will have to learn yourself! The players will have to grind for Furbolg Artifacts to learn the new Winterpelt language by reaching 100 skill in it. Every 25 points you will gain reputation with the faction and access to new rewards for your character such as trinkets, toys and dragonriding customization options!

Winter Furbolgs in their natural habitat

    Humans and Orcs will also get their own Heritage Armor transmog! You will be able to take on the visage of the fearsome warlords of the Horde, or become the heroic generals of the Alliance! There are several tints and options to use for transmogrifications to give yourself a truly unique look!

Humans and Orcs Heritage Armor

    Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 - Return to Forbidden Reach Update will arrive on March 21!

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