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Timewalking Mage Tower Boost

Timewalking Mage Tower Boost
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    Mage Tower is a special building created in Legion 9.2. Originally, it provided a set of really hard challenges for all classes to complete when it was raised. The challenges differs depending on your class and specialization. For completing said challenges, you would recieve a special transmogrification for your weapons. As of now, these transmogs are no longer available, and Mage Tower is laid in waste... until the new Timewalking arrives. Legion Timewalking brings back the old Mage Tower challenges with a new set of rewards for you to obtain.

 Boost ETC: around 5-20 minutes. Depending on the class and encounter.

 WoW Timewalking Mage Tower boost includes:

• Timewalking Mage Tower run - completion of the tower's challenge for your character;

• A set of Tomb of Sargeras Tier 20 transmogrification - a unique set of recolored class armor to adorn your character into;

• Guardian druids will also recieve a new fel-themed werebear form;

• Optionally, you can watch the whole completion of the challenge being streamed live;

 Requirements for purchasing Legion Mage Tower Timewalking run: 

• Your character must be maximum level to purchase this service;

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