TBC Classic Professions Boost

TBC Classic Professions Boost

TBC Classic Professions Boost
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Buy TBC Classic Professions Boost on bestboost.club

 What will you get for this service:

• We will get one of your professions to the highest rank

• One of primary professions of your choice:

  - Alchemys

  - Jewelcrafting

  - Leatherworking

  - Blacksmithing

  - Tailoring

  - Enchanting

  - Engineering

  - Herbalism

  - Mining

  - Skinning

• Or one of secondary professions of your choice:

  - Cooking

  - Fishing

  - First Aid

• Skill of the chosen profession will be upgraded to 375

• The boost takes approximately up to 5 days for gathering and up to 8 days for crafting, depending on chosen profession and current skill level

 Requirements for WoW TBC Classic Profession Leveling:

• Your character must be level 70 to complete the order.

• Obtained during the boost materials will be sold on auction house. All the gold received from the sold material will be exchanged into needed reagents to level the chosen profession.

• To level crafting profession you must have matching maximum level gathering profession. If you don't have maxed out gathering profession, you can purchase it as well on this page.

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