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Glory of the Thundering Raider

Glory of the Thundering Raider
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 Glory of the Thundering Raider boost

    With the release of patch 5.2.0 in Pandaria, developers have created a new raid called "Throne of Thunder". With it, they have again added a set of achievements, which are assosiated with the meta-achievement called "Glory of the Thundering Raider". If you are successful to complete it, you will obtain a unique flying raptor mount. It's one of a kind, you don't want to miss this opportunity, and that's why BestBoost.Club is prepared to complete the task for you!

 How to unlock Armored Skyscreamer?

    Throne of Thunder is a very difficult raid at its release, so to unlock Armoder Skyscreamer you’ll need a lot of endurance and consider a well-equipped raid. There are a total of 23 achievements awaiting you inside, and the tasks you must take on to succeed won’t be pretty. As an example, there’s one called “Soft Hands” in which you have to defat Ji-Kun without breaking the Golden Egg. This is a very difficult achievement because there are a lot of moments where your party can slip up, literally. The egg breaks if you die, fall, take too much damage or throw the egg to another person. You need to be quick and methodical here, and that’s why BestBoost.Club team is perfect for this job! We already have the encounter memorized, and our raiders are overgeared for challenges like this. You’ll have the mount in your collection with us in no time!

 What will you get for this service:

• Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer, the flying raptor mount

• Set of 23 different raiding achievements from the Throne of Thunder raid

• Meta Achievement: Glory of the Thundering Raider

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a max level character on your account

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