Shadowlands: Torghast and its features

    Shadowlands Alpha passes the ongoing testing, and the main new feature developers are focused on right now is Torghast, Tower of the Damned. People that have played rogue-like genre are familiar with this sort of game mode. Your character comes in at its weakest state and has to ascend the tower. You are limited only to several deaths, after that you’ll be thrown out from the tower to only start from the beginning. With each floor your enemies will become much stronger, but as you climb you’ll get Anima Powers that drop from the bosses and elite patrols. Those powers will grant you unique buffs that will strengthen your character to the godhood. Each class has their own unique abilities and quirks that will incentivize you to play a certain style..

Torghast, the Tower of the Damned

    The primary reward for going through Torghast is the Legendary component, a reagent that is used for creating new legendary armor in Shadowlands. If you didn’t know, developers are set on returning legendaries from Legion, but this time you’ll get to craft them instead of hoping for a random drop. You’ll also be able to customize their secondary stats such as critical damage, haste, mastery or versatility, making that the best thing that the best crafting system up to date.


While you waiting on Torghast, you can complete other challenges:

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