Mythic Keystones - Season 3

    Season 3 of “Battle for Azeroth” expansion has begun, and the most important changes are coming to the Mythic Keystones. The dungeons have become more difficult at lower levels, but rewards are on par as well. That’s all due to the scaling of dungeons and mythic levels. 

    Before, all enemies in Mythic+ were scaled by = 8% multiplied by the key level you had, plus 1% for every new level. And considering scaling starts from level 3, with +3 key modifier would be 8% and at +10 it becomes 85%. Now the multiplier has been raised from 8% to 10%, which makes enemies at +10 level 114% stronger – a whole 29% increase in power! And considering that developers have scaled enemies and rewards of Mythic 0 dungeons, the difficulty of +15 key from Season 2 is comparable to +10 key in Season 3.

    There’s also has been added a new affix called Beguiling: Queen Azshara will send her emissaries to hinder players completion time. In every dungeon, there are different packs that will gain one of those elite enemies, making each run different.

There are three types of emissaries:

1) Enchanted Emissary – he grants to nearby allied a buff that reflects 150% of damage dealt back at its target. He also has a passive ability that will knock himself back each time you deal damage to him.

2) Void-Touched Emissary – every 9 seconds he will cast an ability that does 50% of targets health to enemies in line of sight. Be careful, since with each successful use he will deal 50% more damage, making every next hit harder.

3) Emissary of the Tides – all nearby allies will become unstoppable, making them immune to any crowd control effect. This does not apply to the emissary himself!

    But there are also rewards! One of the new ones being Focused Life Anima item, which can be combined into a new Heart of Azeroth essence – a new passive and active ability for you to use! And, of course, all gear rewards are scaled, as well. You will now be able to get 430+ item level loot at end of dungeon and 440+ item level loot in Weekly Chest after completing Mythic 10.

    All this makes Mythic Keystones relevant again. And if you haven’t completed a keystone before the end of the week, try out our service – we will quickly clear a dungeon for you with specified options!

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