Battle of Dazar'alor - Mythic Run

Battle of Dazar'alor - Mythic Run

Battle of Dazar'alor - Mythic Run
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 Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic Run with BestBoost.Club

    With the addition of patch 8.1 for World of Warcraft: “Battle for Azeroth”, as tradition goes, the new raid is always added. This time this raid is tied to the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde in the Battle of Dazaralor. And now we’re talking about the mythic difficulty – the hardest difficulty there yet. Only the most experienced players are able to compete with the challenges inside the raid on this difficulty, but the reward is appropriate for the struggles inside. And in order to get the reward, you will need a group that is prepared for what’s to come, if you’re looking for that kind of group then you’re in luck! BestBoost.Club offers you its services of mythic raid boosting!

    BestBoost.Club offers to World of Warcraft players to buy Battle of Dazaralor Mythic Run Boost! This is the hardest challenge there is at the moment and requires a group of the strongest players with prepared setups for different bosses and encounters in order to succeed victorious! If you want to get additional items during the boost, you can choose the option for additional boosters that will trade the items they get to you. The challenge is difficult, so if you want to participate in the raid yourself, you can choose the selfplay option in order to do so, but your character will have to be of the appropriate item level in order to keep up with the struggles inside the Dazaralor: the character is recommended to be at least of item level 400+..

 Why should you choose BestBoost.Club?

    We have prepared experienced raiding boosting groups for any encounter, and Dazaralor on Mythic difficulty is no exception. We are trusted by our customers who still support us up to this day; you can always read their reviews either on our site or TrustPilot, we are working hard for each and every customer there is. Our online support will always keep you informed about the progress of your service around the clock and help you to choose the service that suits your needs! To start the boost we only need your login and password to the account, no additional data will be required.

 What will you get for this service:

• We will follow your character through the Dazar’Alor Raid on mythic difficulty

• You will get 415+ gear during the boost

• If you chose additional boosters, they will trade the items they get to you

• Gold, order resources, azerite obtained during the boost

• Boost takes approximately up to 4 hours

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a level 120 character on your account

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