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Shatari Defense Reputation Boost
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 Who are the Sha’tari Defense?

    Sha’tari Defense are the draenei defenders of the capital city Shattrath. Because of traitors within the faction, they have lost control of their city and now struggle against their own kin and other forces to regain control over the area. This is the Alliance Only faction.

 Sha’tari Defense Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Sha’tari Defense you can get a new full set of transmogrification items that resembles Sha’tari Guard for plate classes: Death Knight, Paladin and Warrior! There are also several new toys, faction’s tabard and a new Armored Irontusk Elekk mount for your collection.

 How to get Sha’tari Defense Reputation

    WoW Sha’tari Defense rep grind is first started by building the Trading Post in your Garrison and upgrading it to level 2. After that, the only way to gain reputation with the faction is by defeating high level mobs inside Shattrath City and it’s borders.

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