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Arakkoa Outcasts Reputation Boost
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 Who are Arakkoa Outcasts?

    Arakkoa Outcasts is a faction of exiled bird-like looking people from the Spires of Arak. They were cursed for a variety of different reasons: from manipulating the dark magic, to simply abandoning their post.  Constantly being hunted by the Adherents arakkoa, the followers of the ancient God-King Terokk and Anzu now began a Civil War in hopes of overturning the miserable fate that befell upon them.

 Arakkoa Outcasts Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Arakkoa Outcasts you can get a new tabluk mount for your collection, as well as some items for archeology that may prove useful on Draenor.

 How to get Arakkoa Outcasts Reputation

    WoW Arakkoa Outcasts rep grind is started with a questline just on the border of Spires of Arak, where you meet an arakkoa outcast asking for help. You can complete the questline to get some reputation or kill faction specific enemies.

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