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    Ogrila is a faction of intelligent ogres located in Blade’s Edge Mountain. Because they lived close to Apexis Crystals, they have developed past their brutish nature and branched out into a more civilized society. Now they are fighting in a war against black dragons and the Burning Legion, who want to retrieve the Apexis Crystals for their own purposes.

 Ogrila Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Ogrila you’ll be able to obtain mostly TBC transmogrification weapons for your characters, but there is also the faction tabard that you can add to your collection.

 How to get Ogrila Reputation

    WoW Ogrila rep grind is done by collecting and turning in Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals. There are also normal and daily quests that you can complete to earn reputation with the faction. 

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