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Klaxxi Reputation Boost
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 Who are the Klaxxi?

    Klaxxi is a faction of mantid that have split from the Mantid Empire for the reason of latter trampling over the ideals of their race. They are a council of elder mantid that work in defiance of their empress. They are prepared to kill their ruler to restore things to how they were.

 Klaxxi Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with Klaxxi you get access to a set of transmogrification weapons for your character with unique ember-like models! There is also a faction tabard, as always, and a new unique mount for Reins of the Amber Scorpion!

 How to get Klaxxi Reputation

    WoW Klaxxi rep grind is started by completing a long questline in Dread Wastes that will get you to Honored. After that, you’ll get access to daily quests to get standing for exalted.

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