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Silver Covenant Reputation Boost
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 Who are the Silver Covenant?

    Silver Covenant is the faction of High Elves that serve as military deterrent for potential horde uprising in city of Dalaran. The Silver Covenant is currently led by Vareesa Windrunner and they reject the admission of blood elves in the Kirin Tor for the reason of distrust for the Horde.

 Silver Covenant Reputation Rewards

    After reaching exalted with the Silver Covenant and achieving the rank of Champion at the Argent Tournament there are two new mounts awaiting you: Quel’dorei Steed and Silver Covenant Hippogryph! You can also purchase their signature tabard and a new pet Shimmering Wyrmling for your collection! 

 How to get Silver Covenant Reputation

    WoW Silver Covenant rep grind can be done by doing dailies on Argent Tournament grounds. It will take about a month of grinding to get enough standing for exalted from scratch.

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