Unique items in 9.1

    Release of the new raid will happen in a week after start of the patch 9.1, which means World of Warcraft will get some new content to have fun with, finally. And this time around, developers have added a lot of unique and interesting items to the new raid called Sanctum of Dominion! In this post we want to highlight bits and pieces of things you might want to get on your hands as soon as possible!


    Edge of Night, a new dagger that every rogue will be interested in for it’s unique effects: your attacks apply Banshee's Blight, giving your finishing moves a 3% chance per combo point spent to deal 256 Shadow damage. Banshee's Blight stacks up to 4 times as the target becomes more injured. When fully stacked, each combo point spent will have an additive 12% chance to activate the effect per cast, resulting in 60% total, or even more if you have an additional combo point! It is unknown at the current moment if holding two of the same daggers will result in the effect activating twice as the weapon does not have unique attached to it, but if it does: it sure is a good damage buff.

    Jaithys, the Prison Blade, a new two handed sword for all plate knights out there. It has a unique active ability: Consume a lesser weapon, destroying it utterly to feed the power of Jaithys. What it means is that with each consumed weapon the weapon will gain a new buff that can be modified up to 5 times, but as a drawback the secondary stats of the weapon decrease considerably, to a point of disappearing completely. At first, it’s just a plain additiona physical damage proc, later it adds a considerable strength buff for 3 seconds. At the moment, it looks like at last rank it will give a proc of total 3,457 additional physical damage and 400 strength for 3 seconds. Looks like Fury warriors can benefit a lot for a buff like this!

    Jotungeirr, Destiny's Call, a new agility polearm that has an on use effect with a 3 minute cooldown: Answer the Call, joining the ranks of the Val'kyr. Your secondary stats are increased by *insert number here* for 30 sec. Nothing too mind blowing, but still welcome.

    Cruciform Veinripper, an agility fist weapon that will surely get all Outlaw rogues and Demon Hunters happy: while you are behind your enemies, their movement is impaired, or they are suffering from loss-of-control effects, your attacks have a high chance to cause them to bleed for *insert number here* Physical damage over 6 sec. Additional single target damage never hurt anyone!

    Dark Ranger's Quiver, a new cloak with an effect usable only by Hunters: Every 5 shots, trigger Withering Fire, striking up to 5 enemies in front of you for Shadow damage. Predicting right now: you will be pulling additional adds even without using abilities.

    And lastly, Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper, a new legendary bow for Hunters, which gives them a new ability: Fire a Wailing Arrow, which deals Shadow damage to your target and additional Shadow damage to all nearby targets within 8 yds of your target. Lesser creatures struck by a Wailing Arrow are stunned. Ooow, a new legendary item that gives you a new ability in your spell book! Sounds like something you want to grab on to as soon as possible! 

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