Return to WoW Classic, Infromation For OldSchool Guys

    WoW Classic release date is already set – the August 27’th. Now it’s time to prepare for the actual game. That’s why in this blog post we will explain what to expect and give you some advices on future hardships.

    The leveling will be main focus of the players for the time. We are estimating that it will take up to two weeks for the average player to reach the 60 level cap. The quests will take very long time to complete because of the hard requirements, low drop chance and that you won’t have objective markers shown for you at all, since that’s how it worked in vanilla. 

    So be ready to open a browser in a second window and google every goddamn quest you have in your log. Or maybe there will even be someone who’ll make an addon for questing. Who knows?

    The mobs in the world are very hard to kill – be ready to stack up on potions and collect all the cloth you get from the loot, because you will be close to death a lot. In vanilla, there is no health and mana regeneration out of combat, unlike the current days. You will have to stop almost after every pack of mobs to restore your stamina and keep on going.

    Find the nearest town and learn the First Aid profession, bandages will be really handy in the wild. You can also learn alchemy; it will be a very useful profession both in combat and on auction house. Or, if you’re a mage, you can stockpile yourself with infinite amount of mana buns. 

    PvP this time around will be a real thing – there are no battlegrounds on release, but since everyone will be leveling, the higher level you are – the more chance you will encounter the enemy faction player. That will happen a lot, which will make your grind for level 60 ever so difficult.

    Group up with other players, it will be essential for your survival and success. Even make sure you have the full preset party of tank, healer and 3 damage dealers. That way, you will be able to not only fend off the scoundrels but also defeat the rare elite bosses or even conquer a dungeon! Those are very profitable with both loot AND gold.

    If you’re an experienced vanilla player, those things will be trivial for you, but we still want you to have the best experience with the WoW Classic. So, we wish you good luck in the future accomplishments! Just be careful to not die a lot.

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