World of Warcraft Classic: Old vs New

    The developers claim that the New Vanilla will be almost identical to the Old Vanilla, but the main word here is “practically”. Now there is a beta test of the game and fans are furiously arguing about whether the developers succeeded in returning the spirit of that WoW. I do not dare to judge this, but I will write a few reasons why the NV will differ from the OV in any case, and if it’s good or bad is for you to decide.

    In NV there will be another interface, different from the old one. On the one hand, this is imperceptible at all. But the main difference in this point is the add-ons. In the days of OV there were no heaps of various add-ons that simplify the gameplay, but now they are there and some players will always use them. Others either lose the advantage in both PvE and PvP, or they will also have to install addons. For example, Questhelper, which shows where the quest is located, what needs to be done, how much more to collect and so on.

    There will be fewer bugs in NV than in OV. There were exploits in the OV that influenced the gameplay. Some dishonest players used them and, probably, counted on the fact that they could use them now, but this is not the case. In addition, the performance of the game will increase significantly, which will affect the overall gameplay. There will be no strange lags, crashes and other problems.

    The main essence of OV is sociality. Previously, it was impossible to pass through something without gathering a group by hand there, it was impossible to do something without asking for help \ without asking how it was done. And in NV all this will remain, it will not be possible to search for groups automatically, there will be no cross-server zones and phasing, during the quest we will meet with hundreds of other players, as before. But the fact is that in the Internet space now there is much more knowledge about the game than it was before, and this is exactly what can be knocked down by the social aspect.

    When people played OV, they had, basically, no information about anything. They selected talents themselves, invented rotations themselves, tested bosses and tactics themselves, and so on, and now there will be just a ton of information about everything.

    Also, previously, players simply did not know how to play WoW. And now they can and know . It is possible that the same bosses in raids will seem too simple and boring because of this, the mixes in PvP will become faster, and the victories will be unconditional.

    And, of course, the most important fundamental point. In 2004-2005 everything was new, there were almost no other MMOs, and people played game like this for the first time. But now, people have grown up and matured, they played the game for years and years and know everything there is and how it works. That is why many veterans say that WoW is not the same.

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