Patch 8.2: Nazjatar

    Patch 8.2 “Rize of Azshara” is not far away and we have a lot of information to share with you about the main attraction of the update. Nazjatar is a new major level 120 zone that was created by Queen Azshara and her servants under sea after transformation of the Highborne into Naga by N’Zoth. 

    In this location you’ll be able to explore new ways to make your character even stronger than before! There are new factions that will yield you great rewards for your character, such as armor of item level 370+ which will be an easy gear up, new toys to play around with and new mounts of ground and underwater type! This new zone also serves as an easy catch-up mechanic for those who haven’t played the game or want to level a new character quickly to be playable in raids.

    The new quest will surely keep you busy, there will be the continuation of War Campaign in which you’ll have to bust out Baine Bloodhoof out of prison and save him from execution, and also the quest chain tied to Queen Azshara and rize of their naga army that probably will be done via “weekly reset” quest system, in which the quest chain is broken onto many different parts, and you’ll have to wait for a new bunch each next week.

    There is also a PvP event occasionally happening called Battle for Nazjatar. There will be five places marked on the map that can be contested by either Alliance or Horde players. The event lasts 45 minutes and ends prematurely once either faction reaches 1000 points by killing opposite faction players or capturing the spires. The reward for completing the battle is Nazjatar Battle Commendation currency and some Conquest Points which you’ll be able to spend through designated vendors.

    There are also new achievements tied to the new zone that require exploration and completion of the island’s quests and activities, there will probably be some hidden chests and secrets, rare spawns that will yield good rewards and much more. Some of the achievements are tied to the flying in the current expansion, so it will be beneficial to complete them as soon as possible if you want to traverse the land with ease with wings! For unlocking flying in Battle for Azeroth you will acquire the Mechanical Parrot mount for your collection!

    Speaking of mounts, Nazjatar has a bunch of new ones tied to the zone, including literal underwater sea-horses! They are not tied to the zone and you’ll be able to use them anywhere you want! Sounds exciting? It’s sure is! A bunch of new content will also be covered in our next article, so stay tuned, folks!

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