Mechagon on Hard Mode

    Did you know that there is a Hard Mode for Operation: Mechagon dungeon? And you also get unique rewards for completing it! Two of them being achievements: one for completing a Hard Mode and showing that you’ve conquered it and know the tropes to complete it, and the other you get if you complete the entire run deathless – the reward will be a Rank 4 of “Vision of Perfection” Azerite Essence! Rest of the rewards is drops from last boss with 100% chance to one of the party members: a new and unique mount called Aerial Unit R-21/X, and a level 430 Azerite Helm!

    Those rewards certainly seem like they worth a hassle. But what about activating the Hard Mode? We will describe how to do it right now!

 Step 1 - The Big Three

    To activate the Hard Mode, you need to defeat first three bosses while the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit is hovering over them. You can safely clean the trash anytime you wish, but make sure the Unit is above the boss when you fight them.

 Step 2 - HK-8 and MK2

    Once you defeat all three first bosses on Hard Mode, you can begin the fight with HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit! You know you have done everything right once you see Tank Buster MK2 instead of MK1. Fight him as usual, but beware that boss has been modified with new abilities and there is less room for mistakes.

 Step 3 - Kujo and the feces

    Now head over to K.U.-J.0., and before you begin attacking him, click on a pile of Robo-Waste on the ground, near where you walk in on the left side. After clicking on it will send it flying into the fire and activate the Hard Mode.

 Step 4 - Hail to the King

    If you did everything correctly, there will be a pillar with a big red button in the room with King Mechagon. Now, all that is left ahead of you is a very difficult and convoluted battle with gimmicky mechanics. Don’t forget to press the button before you begin the fight!

    Now, Hard Mode is very complicated and is not for the faint of heart, so if you find it difficult to complete – we have amazing boosters who are ready to take the challenge on!

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