Patch 8.2: Mechagon

    Nazjatar will not be the only new zone in the update patch 8.2, and while it will remain the main content contender, in Tiragarde Sound there is a place called The Rusted Vault that has a giant portal that is powered off. When the content update finally goes live the gateway will open, and it will lead to a new place called Mechagon.

    Mechagon is the city of the Mechagnomes, a society where respect is measured by the amount of robotic parts you have. It's a zone that consists of grind and exploration, it is filled with quests, puzzles and secrets that you will have to discover by yourself. The zone consists of the dangerous robots and mechanical beings, including a new faction called mechagnomes that you can befriend, a new big dungeon, and an insane amount of grind! It is basically a sandbox which you will have to explore until you’ll find all its secrets. There will be a new pseudo-profession called Junkyard Tinkering - you collect different types of crafting materials and blueprints and turn them into interesting mechanical creations. There are many things that you can craft, including mounts toys, pets, gear, collectables, consumables, reputation items and many different creations to unlock.

    While there are quests, they will not appear on your map, you will have to explore the zone by yourself to find new things to do. And even if you run out of stuff to do, you can always go and grind out mobs to collect bolts and pieces in Mechagon. And also, the actual rare spawns appear in the zone that will include many unique items, so it becomes an even more of an incentive to grind!

    But let’s not forget the main reason why we’re in Mechagon – the new dungeon called Operation: Mechagon. It is a 5-people dungeon that consists of 8 bosses, similar to the Karazhan dungeon in Legion. The items dropped in this place will be of similar power to the Eternal Palace on normal or heroic difficulty, so it will be definitely of worth to complete it a couple of times! Players enter through a trash compactor and make their way up into Mechagon city, which is populated by machinery, turrets, and mechagnomes.

    But the most interesting will be an item that is a customizable trinket with three different colored sockets which can be filled with special Punch Cards that act like gems from old expansions, that you can obtain in Mechagon during questing and grinding. Each slot is set to give specified buffs for your characters: Red are proc or on-use effects like “Chance to get a buff” or “Deal damage to target”, Yellow are stats increases, and Blue add utility effects which won’t affect your gameplay much but surely make a quality-of-life improvements.

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