Patch 8.2: Some Fishing Secrets

    Members of the discord community, dedicated to finding and solving various puzzles in WoW, have found another secret - a few fishing achievements. They were not really secret, but in order to fulfill them players had to pretty much sweat, look for places, ways, names, etc. And the reward for completion of the secret was a smart toy that allows you to fish in ANY PLACE!

    For those who love to fish, there are several achievements related to each other in the game. In order to finish them, you have to run a lot, fly, swim and fish!

    The first achievement is being done in Mechagon. You will need to catch a few fairly rare fishes, and then take them to Danielle Anglers. The achievement is called Secret Fish of Mechagon. For completing it you will get Secret Fish Goggles, which are necessary in search for the secret fish that are needed to complete the next achievement - Secret Fish and Where to Find Them. In order to make this achievement, it will be necessary to catch rare fish in many places and locations, and this can’t be done without the Glasses.

    When you complete second achievement, you will be given the Hyper-Compressed Ocean. This is a toy that creates a water sphere from which you can fish! With that you can catch fish from any expansion that was released. The sphere lasts for 15 minutes, with a cooldown of 1 hour.

    In total, you have to catch up to 30 new fishes in order to complete this achievement. And when you do, you’ll get a neat new toy for your collection! There are many new secrets with this patch, and if you don’t feel like completing them – check out our offerings. Some of them may be to your liking!

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