Patch 8.2: Eternal Palace

    In World of Warcraft the incoming patch 8.2 has many new content, updates and features, but what I’m pretty sure everyone is waiting for the most is the next new raid, and developers have prepared something new.

    Ten thousand years ago, when the Highborne were on the brink of annihilation, and with no choice but to accept the ultimatum, Azshara made a bargain with an Old God N'Zoth that transformed her and all her subjects into the now know to us as naga. Through an eternity, she has rebuilt her empire in the depths of the ruined civilization she once ruled. Now, she invites both factions, Alliance and Horde, into her domain to witness her glorious ascension, and it's your time to stop her!

    This content update's next raid is going to be Eternal Palace - the seat of power of Queen Azshara, it consists of eight different bosses, each of them with their different encounters, set of abilities and, of course, loot! This raid will contain armor pieces ranging from 415 item level on normal difficulty to 445 item level on mythic difficulty. Besides the new unique transmog sets and new azerite armor with their same old traits, there are also trinkets and weapons with unique passive effects!

    For damage dealers we have many interesting weapons: Shiver Venom Lance – it can deal frost damage to your enemy, and if target is afflicted with Shiver Venom it also deals AoE nature damage around it; Diver’s Folly - for twelve seconds this axe stores 5% of damage dealt during that time as bioelectric charge. When it discharges it deals Nature damage of the stored amount to 3 nearby enemies; Dream’s End - your attack speed increases by one percent for each consecutive auto attack against the same target, up to 10%.

    But the most interesting things drop from the last boss – Queen Azshara. She has items that in set of the whole raid grant very interesting buffs for the whole party. Those armor pieces are called Azshara's Garments. Eight items share the unique effect: Azshara's Storm will rise for 10 seconds, every 2 minutes. It is enhanced for every member of your party wearing Azshara's Garments. Each item has a different special effect: additional stats, such as Critical Strike or Haste that is split between the party members, others deal Arcane Damage to a nearby enemy three additional times, and the last one heals an injured ally for a small amount three additional times. The more raid members have the said items, the better the buffs and debuffs will be.

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