Professions in Classic

    Very soon, on August 27, Classic WoW will be released and you will be able to plunge into the very atmosphere of Vanilla Warcraft. Many have already decided on the server, race, and class of their character, but another important question remains unresolved - which professions to choose? After all, professions in the WoW Classic play a very important role, they are really needed and, one might even say, necessary to maximize character progression. And there is no concrete answer to the question “which profession is better”; it all depends on many factors, which we will analyze!

All professions are divided into three types:












Secondary Professions: 

First Aid



    First of all, I will draw your attention to the fact that in Vanilla it will not work to take two crafting professions, as some do in Battle for Azeroth. Tailoring and enchantment are an exception. In theory it will work, but it will not make sense, because in order to acquire resources for professions, it will take either a lot of time and additional characters or a lot of gold, which in the beginning no one will have at all.

Now let's look at the possible combinations of craft and mining professions and what classes they are suitable for:

Blacksmithing + Mining - Warrior, Paladin

Engineering + Mining - Any class

Leatherworking + Skinning - Druid, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman

Alchemy + Herbalism - Any class

Tailoring + Enchanting - Mage, Priest, Warlock

Skinning + Herbalism - Any Class

Skinning + Mining - any class

Any gathering profession + enchanting - any class

    Of course, it’s more advisable to choose those professions that you yourself can take advantage of, therefore, if the warrior takes leatherworking, that will make sense up to level 40, while the warrior wears chain mail and not armor, but after the profession you have to either change or it will become much less useful.

    The “Tailoring + Enchanting” combination can be useful, in principle, not only for those who wear cloth armor, since tailors create some very important items, such as bags, that absolutely everyone needs. And created green, blue and purple items can be disassembled into resources for enchanting.

    Alone stands the combination of "Alchemy + Herbalism" because this is what everyone really needs without exception. Potions, elixirs, infusions and so on - all this will come in handy at any stage of the game, in any aspect, with it both for yourself and your comrades, and for sale.

Professions for Gold farming

    Many players want to earn as much gold as possible and are going to choose those professions that will allow it to be done. And here it’s easy to make a mistake! Now, in Battle for Azeroth, you can take two mining pros and live happily ever after. In WoW Classic, this is also possible, BUT NOT FROM THE START. The fact is that initially the players will not have money AT ALL. The essence of the two mining professions is to farm resources, sell them at auction, so that someone buys and crafts one of them. But how will resources be bought from you if there is nothing to buy for now? And to sell what is farmed with great difficulty, for a penny ... such an idea.

Therefore, the three following options we recommend after next couple of months from the start of WoW Classic:

Skinning + Herbalism

Skinning + mining

Herbalism + Mining

    The last option is the most incorrect because in New Vanilla you cannot display several resources on the minimap at once, that is, you will see either ore deposits or grass deposits.

    A good option would be Tailoring + Enchanting, since both of these professions are independent of the miners and, as I wrote above, both are useful mainly to all classes. Already enchanting for sure, because enchantments are always in great demand, but it’s hard to pump this profession and few people will take it, so those daredevils who decide to become enchanters will then be able to get a lot of fun.

    But you need to tune in to the fact that all professions will not start to bring gold right away, since initially no one will have it.

The most suitable professions for PvP:




    The best choice for the profession of PvP’ers is, without a doubt, Engineering. Engineering - bombs, grenades, enhancing effects, gadgets, and even some equipment, is better for PvP than you can imagine.

    Those who do not like all kinds of exploding mechanisms can pay attention to alchemy. Alchemists create a bunch of different potions that can help in battles with other players, starting with simple restoring hp potion, ending with potions of speed, freedom of action and so on.

    The third option is not the most obvious - Blacksmithing. Blacksmiths are able to create a personal accessory Glimmering Mithril Insignia, which gives protection from fear for as much as 30 seconds, which is indispensable in battles with some characters.

The most suitable professions for PvE:



Other craft professions

    Alchemy is in the first place for PvE’ers, because potions, elixirs and infusions are a must have. Even in Battle for Azeroth, they are very, very necessary, and in New Vanilla they will simply be REQUIRED. The alchemist will be able to supply with utility himself and his group / raid, so that he can simply be more often taken into these same groups and raids.

    Engineering is in second place because, thanks to various explosives, a player can coolly increase his damage, and if he is a tank, it’s also a threat level, which in Classic is not as rosy as in BFA.

    It is impossible to single out any specific craft profession from the remaining ones, because all of them are useful in one way or another. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring allows you to create equipment, including one that gives resistance to elements, and resistance is very important in many boss fights!

To make it easier for you to decide, here are a few examples of the usefulness of a craft profession:

Tailors can make equipment, including raid and pre-raid, bags and various things that are used in other professions.

Tanners are able to make pre-purchase equipment, which is very well sold, plus various reinforcing items.

Blacksmiths know how to make pre-raid equipment AND WEAPONS! A good gun is important.

    Enchanters have enchantments that everyone always needs. This profession is still more focused on others than on the player himself, but will allow you to earn a lot of money and always be useful, that is, things are about the same as with alchemy.

Secondary Professions

    Each character can learn all three secondary professions. And each of them is useful! For example, Cooking – you will never have problems with the food that is always in demand in Classic. Fishing - the ingredients for cooking, in fact. You can also fish for sale. And cooking allows you to create not just food to restore health, but also buffs.

    And, of course, First Aid is a must-have for all who plan to survive. Those who are sitting right now and playing Battle for Azeroth and don’t remember / don’t know what it was like in Vanilla, they’ll probably think: “Why do I need bandages if you can just heal, for example ...”

    Yes, only in Classic not everyone had healing abilities, but those who had them spent mana, which also had to be restored for a long time, so food and bandages are definitely needed.

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