Classic: Phase 4 is live!

    Classic World of Warcraft servers have recently been updated with a new patch called "Rise of the Blood Gods", which brings a new raid tier, faction, world bosses and new recipies for your characters to obtain.

    Zul'Gurub is a newly added raid revolving around the Amani Empire and the Blood God Hakkar. It consists of thirteen different boss encounters, with four of them being a single rotating boss fight each week. Before you can toss around with Hakkar, it is recommended that first you kill five High Priests residing inside Zul'Gurub as they are buffing the last boss to near immortality. Loot inside the dungeon contains many epic items for all classes, and there are even two epic mounts for you to collect.

Hakker the Blood God

    Confront Four Dragons of Nightmare in the Duskwood, Hinterlands, Feralas and Ashenvale. All dragons spawn at the same time and always at the same location, but each bosses location will be random between these distributed zones. While they share most of the spells, they still have some unique abilities and unique loot tables. Which means all four dragons are due to a beating!

Dragons of Nightmare 

Get your character geared for Hakar and other dangers on this page:

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