Patch 8.2: Conquer the Skies

With patch 8.2 there will be much more content coming for you to play around with, but there’s also some quality of life. 

    First and foremost, you will finally be able to conquer the skies of Kul-Tiras and Zandalar islands! To unlock the flying methods you will have to complete a two-part achievement called Pathfinder. After finishing it once, you will have it for all your characters on your account! We will quickly recap everything you have to do in order to finish it.

    Part one mainly consists of things we had on launch: you will have to completely explore both islands of Kul-Tiras and Zandalar, complete all main quest in allied continent, achieve revered reputation status with six different factions and complete War Campaign Questline by achieving “Ready for War”. It’s a pretty extensive list of things to do, but the main timegate will always be the reputation grind – make sure you do all World Quests that give reputation with designated factions.

    Part two is relatively simple, this time it will be just exploring two new zones and achieving revered reputation with two new factions located in these zones: in Nazjatar it will be Waveblade Ankoan or The Unshackled for the Alliance and the Horde respectively, and in Mechagon there is Rustbolt Resistance. But knowing how developers do things these days, there sure is some new catch that will make you grinding for weeks straight before you can soar through the clouds.

    And then, we have upgrades for riding! I will make an example: remember water strider, the mount that everyone loves so much just because it can travel via walking on water? Well, this effect like this one will now be universal across all ridable pets, and it all will be done via special equipment: it will allow players to customize their mounts with a bonus of their choosing. At the launch, there will be four different equipment items: 

1) Saddlechute – when you dismount in the air, a parachute will deploy that will slow your fall!

2) Comfortable Rider's Barding – you won’t fall from your mount and become dazed when you’re hit in the back!

3) Light-Step Hoofplates – Increase riding speed on foot by another 20%!

4) Inflatable Mount Shoes – everyone’s favorite water walking tactics!

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