Ashes of Al'ar

Ashes of Al'ar
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 Ashes of Al'ar mount with BestBoost.Club

    This beautiful flying mount with picturesque visual effects was created by one of the greatest fans of World of Warcraft. What else makes it special?

 Here's some information about the mount:

• Looks like a mild fiery phoenix and significantly differs from other flying mounts.

• While flying, leaves a colorful trail behind in order to create an attractive visual effect.

• It was created by a boy fond of playing World of Warcraft. The creators of the game gave him a chance to participate in the process of the mount’s creation.

 If you buy the ashes of al'ar mount, you will get:

• Ashes of Al'ar mount.

• Other items and gold obtained during the boost

 How the order is carried out:

• Complete Tempest Keep raid until it gets Ashes of Al'ar mount.

• Walk through the game without the participation of the customer in order to cut the number of attempts to complete the raid.

• The deadline of the service provided depends on the amount of attempts.

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