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Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer

Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer

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 Buy Glory of the Thundering Raider - Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer.

 With the release of patch 5.2.0 in Pandaria, developers have created a new raid called "Throne of Thunder". With it, they have again added a set of achievements, which are assosiated with the meta-achievement called "Glory of the Thundering Raider". If you are successful to complete it, you will obtain a unique raptor mount - Reins of the Armored Scyscreamer. It's one of a kind, you don't want to miss this opportunity, and that's why BestBoost.Club is prepared to complete the task for you!

    What will you get for this service:

        • Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer, the flying raptor mount
        • Set of 23 different raiding achievements from the Throne of Thunder raid
        • Meta Achievement: Glory of the Thundering Raider

   Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have a level 90 character or higher on your account

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