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Glory Of The Draenor Raider

Glory Of The Draenor Raider

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    Buy The Glory Of The Draenor Raider achievement.

    We’ll help you unlock 18 achievements and gain a number of useful resources and items in PvE mode. This service includes completion of PvE content add-on of World of Warcraft: World of Draenor add-on.

    This service allows the players to get a achievement called “Glory Of The Draenor Raider”. Here’s a list of its specifications:

        • Full completion of two raids of the add-on: Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul.

        • Defeat of all bosses following the special requirements with no mistakes made.

    If you the glory of the draenor hero achievement, you will get:

        • A mount called “Gorestrider Gronnling”.

        • 18 achievements unlocked including, and 205 points to the general rating.

        • Extra stuff if it was negotiated with our operators beforehand.

     How the order is carried out:

        • Completion of two raid dungeons (Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul) with special requirements till the achievements are unlocked.

        • Killing of all bosses and collecting objects, resources, gold and other useful stuff.

        • We won’t stop the clean up till the customer gets “Glory of the Draenor Raider” achievement.

        • Possibility of solo game should be negotiated with the operators together with a possibility to collect extra items dropped by enemies in the raids.

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