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Class Hall Campaign Artifact Appearance

Class Hall Campaign Artifact Appearance

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 Buy Class Hall Campaign Boost.

 The Artifact - a powerful weapon, in the right hands it can annihilate hordes of enemies with just one swing, or it can protect and save the allies from harm and danger. But Artifacts true potential is yet to be unleashed. It takes cunning and while to unlock its true power. This is why you can trust this job to the professionals! The BestBoost.Club is armed and ready to make your weapon all-powerful! Don't hesitate and buy Class Hall Campaign questline boost now!

    What you should know when ordering this service:

        • You will get an access to 3rd relic slot for all artifacts, which will significantly boost your weapon
        • You will get a new Artifact Appearance for all specializations with unique tints
        • We will unlock all followers for your disposal
        • You will keep the gold, equipment and artifact power that you will get during the boost
        • Two new factions - Army of the Light and Argussarian Reach with its unique vendors, emissary quests and rewards.
        • New quests for your Order Hall Followers with great rewards.
        • Boost takes 1-2 days depending on your current progress
        • We do this service with account sharing

   Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have a level 110 character

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