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Class Hall Artifact Appearance

Class Hall Artifact Appearance

Class Hall Artifact Appearance
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 Buy Class Hall Campaign Boost

    The Artifact - a powerful weapon, in the right hands it can annihilate hordes of enemies with just one swing, or it can protect and save the allies from harm and danger. But you’re not here for power, you are here for style, and style you’ll get if you’ll unlock Order Hall Campaign. It is a quest line for your class, for completion of which you’ll get new upgrades for your Order Hall, new followers, but more importantly – new weapon transmog appearance.

 How to unlock Order Hall Campaign?

    This campaign takes you on an adventure across all zones of the Broken Isles – you’ll have to defeat armies of demons, travel to some dungeons in order to obtain items of power, and wait for followers to complete their objectives. While the campaign itself is not that difficult to complete, it really becomes tedious when you want it finished on several characters, since it takes about two days for each new campaign. That is why BestBoost.Club team is ready to complete it for you. You won’t need to complete these boring quests to get a new weapon appearance for your class – are boosters are experienced players and they’ve finished dozens of different orders of this service. You will get your new Class Hall artifact appearance in no time.

 What you should know when ordering this service:

• You will get a new Weapon Appearance for all specializations with unique tints

• New title for your character’s class

• You will keep the gold, equipment and artifact power obtained during the boost

• Boost takes 1-2 days depending on your current progress

• We do this service with account sharing

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have a max level character

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