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Balance of Power Artifact Appearance

Balance of Power Artifact Appearance

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 Buy Balance of Power Boost.

 With the addition of the new Nighthold Raid, the Valorous Artifact Appearance can finally be completed! This questline unlocks a new artifact weapon skin for all specializations, as well as four unique tints for corresponding achievements. And now you can buy Balance of Power Questline on BestBoost.Club!

    What you should know about this service:

        • You will get a unique artifact weapon appearance for all specializations
        • Your character will complete the long and complex legendary questline with many artifact power and equipment rewards
        • We will do several runs in two Legion Raids - the Emerald Nightmare and the Nighthold
        • Also, we will do runs through mythic Legion dungeons in order to complete the questline
        • You will get the equipment, artifact power and gold during the boost
        • Boost takes 4-7 weeks depending on drop luck of quest items
        • We do this service with sharing account

   Requirements for ordering this service:

        • You must have a level 110 character

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