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Balance of Power Artifact Appearance

Balance of Power Artifact Appearance
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 Balance of Power Boost

    In the Legion expansion, there are new types of weapons called artifacts. They give your character unique powers and abilities, but more importantly – unique weapons appearances! With the addition of the new Nighthold Raid, you can unlock Balance of Power transmog! This is a new quest line that rewards your character with a new artifact weapon skin for all specializations, and it has four unique tints for corresponding achievements. If you’re having trouble obtaining the new look for your weapon, we offer you this new service that will complete the quest chain for you!

 How to unlock Balance of Power?

    Obtaining this weapon appearance is a very long task and takes some good will to complete. It’s starts with the Image of Kalec appearing in your Order Hall and spreads all across the Broken Isles. Your first task will be collection 30 Blood of Sargeras and going through two mythic dungeons and collecting items of ancient power from the bosses inside. While it’s not exactly that difficult, the task itself is pretty mundane. The next part will take about two or three weeks to complete – you’ll have to collect 30 Corrupted Essences from the bosses of the Emerald Nightmare raid. And after that the story repeats itself, making you to complete another four mythic dungeons and collect 20 Nightshards from inside the Nighthold raid. It’s a pretty long list of items to collect, but if you’re pretty busy BestBoost.Club team is ready to complete WoW Balance of Power questline at any time it’s convenient for you!

 What you should know about this service:

• You will get a unique artifact weapon appearance for all specializations

• Your character will complete the long and complex questline with many transmog items

• Boost takes 2-4 weeks depending on drop luck of quest items

• We do this service with sharing account

 Requirements for ordering this service:

• You must have access to Legion expansion raids

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